Aquarius: Puer of the Zodiac—The Child Archetype in the New Age

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7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$15 members
$15 students

Presented by Paul Whittemore

We will engage in a discussion of the child archetype (puer/puella) in the context of the changes in consciousness arriving with the “new age” and the dramatic transition through which we are living. Astrology is a language of archetypal images and a rich source for understanding the trends of the Piscean Age (roughly, the last 2,000 years), the Aquarian Age we are now entering, and the points of friction between the two. What are the particular psychological challenges for humanity as our worldview shifts from the Piscean to Aquarian Age? What is the relation to psychology, particularly the Jungian concept of individuation, in the new age? (It seems to be little known, and generally unacknowledged, that Carl Jung cast the charts of his patients before analyzing them.)

Paul Whittemore was introduced to astrology as a teenager by his older sister. He took lessons with her teacher who went by the romantic moniker Madeleine Monet. Madeleine pointed out an aspect in his chart which she termed “the hallmark of the astrologer”: Jupiter trine Uranus. This aspect has Jupiter in the ninth house, a strong position, and Uranus closely conjuncted with the Sun, an emphatic position. Paul has maintained an interest in the psychological value of astrology ever since, as well as the correspondence of astrology with historic events and trends. Throughout his life he has gravitated toward psychology, history, and esoteric spirituality and has held a lifelong interest in the ideas of Carl Jung.

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