Engaging Our Creative Nature Through the Myth of Hephaistos

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$15 members
$15 students

Our relationship to our creative nature (to psyche) is at the heart of our creative acts. Jung wrote that “image is psyche.” The images psyche offers are invitations to relationship and they are vessels that hold and sustain that relationship. Actively engaging those images is a relational act that meets psyche in the middle ground of imagination.

We will take up aspects of the myth(s) of the Greek god Hephaistos, craftsman and god of fire, as invitations and vessels to hold, engage, and sustain our relationship with our creative nature. This evening is for those engaged in a creative practice and those who desire this, but hesitate. It is for those who are convinced that we are inherently creative and those who doubt and see creativity as the province of a gifted few.

Bob Sandford, MA, began studying Jungian psychology at the University of Dallas in the late 1980’s, in a curriculum steeped in the humanities, and continued through graduate coursework at Duquesne University to the present. For the last two decades he has made his living as a musician and graphic designer. His creative practice includes writing, musical composition and arranging, photography, and woodworking. He is currently seeking a publisher for his book, Tending the Fire: Imagining the Source of our Creativity, which offers engaged imagination as a mode of deepening our relationship to our creative nature. His website is www.bobsandford.net.

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