Following the Ruby Red Thread: Mary Magdalene and the Lost Feminine in Early Christianity

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9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$25 members
$25 students

Friday Night Lecture

Since the second century, Mary Magdalene has been the target of dramatic and often negative projections.  In the sixth century, Pope Gregory the Great announced that she was a repentant prostitute (despite no scriptural evidence for the idea).  Thanks to modern scholarship, as well as the discovery of long-hidden scriptures such as the Gospel of Mary (Magdalene), the Gospel of Thomas, and the Gospel of Philip, a picture emerges of a woman who was a Jewish visionary and prophet, and an apostle of love and mystical experience.  This class will trace the powerful “thread of the Feminine” in early Christianity – that has survived and is resurfacing despite the heavy hand of patriarchy.

Saturday Morning Workshop

In this workshop, we will engage “gnostic” scriptures on a deeper, more experiential level, and explore what a “Magdalene spirituality” might look like today.

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