The Child Archetype

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7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$15 members
$15 students

Presented by Ken Buch, PhD

What is a child? An experiment. A fresh attempt . . . to make humanity divine.
—George Bernard Shaw

The Child has been an important and recurring 5igure in myths, fairy tales, and children’s stories since the beginning. Even today, the Child archetype continues to exert its in5luence over our “rational” and “scienti5ic” culture: it is celebrated with reverence and pageantry during the Christian season of Advent, it touches our hearts and makes is laugh in comic strips like “Calvin & Hobbes”, and it can be wielded with divisive consequences by puer personalities like Donald Trump. As with all archetypes, the Child, in its multifaceted essence, is a manifestation of the Divine and a willing helper along our personal journeys. An essential feature of the Child archetype is its futurity; it paves the way for future change and anticipates the union of opposites. This class will use lecture and open discussion to explore some aspects of the Child archetype through myths, fairy tales, and modern stories. Then we will engage in some experiential exercises to help each of us connect with the Child within.

Ken Buch is an artist, playwright, and poet; president of the Kansas City Friends of Jung; and a Ph.D. aerospace engineer. His paintings were part of a group show of Jungian-themed works in Kansas City in 2013. The 2012 issue of Kansas City Voices also featured his art. He wrote and performed two plays in the 2012 Kansas City Fringe Festival including a one man show titled “The Melancholy Monologues.” Ken has been an avid student of C. G. Jung for the past decade and presents lectures and workshops on Jungian psychology, the psychology of religion, the psychology of creativity, and depression. Ken is married and a stay-at-home dad for their 10 year old daughter who is his creative inspiration and collaborator and who enjoys asking the truly important questions in life.

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