The Mayan Tree of Life and Other Cosmic Cultures

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$15 members
$15 students

The Mayan Tree of Life is described in the Chilam Balam (a collection of writings about the Mayan Indian culture in Mexico and Latin America) as a tree with cosmic, archetypal associations. The Tree of Life serves as an axis between the underworlds, the Earth, and the Heavens and is echoed in numerous cultures throughout the world as a tree or pillar or ladder. But this Mayan Tree of Life—or World Tree, as it is also called—not only serves as a cosmic axis, but also represents the entire self, including the conscious, unconscious, and higher levels of the soul. We will explore the significance of this tree and how it can help reveal meaningful aspects of the self and the world we live in.

Sandra J. Schumm, PhD, is a recently retired Professor of Spanish at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas, where she taught courses in Spanish literature, language, and culture, as well as yoga classes, and continues to lead study abroad opportunities for Baker students. She received her PhD in Spanish from the University of Kansas. She is the au-thor of Mother and Myth in Spanish Novels: Rewriting the Maternal Archetype (Bucknell University Press, 2011); Reflection in Sequence: Novels by Spanish Women, 1944-1988 (Bucknell University Press, 1999); and of more than forty published or presented articles about twentieth- and twenty-first-century Spanish literature. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

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