Jung in the Heartland Conference

The C. G. Jung Society of St. Louis will hold its fourth Jung in the Heartland Conference September 10-13, 2015, at King’s House Retreat Center in Belleville, IL.  The theme of the conference is “The Altar of the Earth.”

The keynote speaker will be Monika Wikman, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst from Santa Fe, NM, author of Pregnant Darkness.  Other speakers will be Belden Lane, Ph.D., St. Louis, MO, author and nature mystic, and Mary Ryan, MA, a counselor and teacher who uses film to illustrate her lectures.  Mary lives in Springfield, IL

This conference will include an art exhibition organized around the theme, “The Altar of the Earth.” In 2014 the St. Louis Society featured a writing contest on the topic of “Honoring the Altar of the Earth.”  The three top winners of the contest will present their essays at the Artists’ and Authors’ Reception, 7:00 pm, September 12, 2015.  The reception is open to the public for a nominal fee.  The Society has published a book of the finest contest entries and the book will be available at the conference.

For more information or to register for the conference or reception, visit cgjungstl.org or call (314) 533-6809.

An introduction to our April 24th program

An introduction to our March 27th program

An introduction to our Feb 27th workshop

Rick Childs and Papal Infallibility tonight

Don’t forget that we have Rick Childs speaking tonight at the Roeland Park Community Center. The title of his talk is “Papal Infallibility: the problem of irreconcilable religious certainties.” All the details along with a map showing the location are here.

Hope to see you tonight!

A visit to Jung’s home

This Friday is our 2014/15 program year kick-off. We are very pleased to have Greg Rieke, FOJ president emeritus, sharing with us about his trip to Jung’s home in Kusnacht. You can read all the details here.

Please note that this event is at the Roeland Park Community Center. Here is a map to the location. There is plenty of off-street parking next to the building.

Also, there will be a social and fellowship time after Greg’s presentation. I hope you’ll stay and join us as we rekindle old friendships and start making new ones.

If you could ask him one question

As I look forward to Greg Rieke’s Sept. 19 presentation about his visit to C.G. Jung’s home, I wonder:  What would it be like to actually visit with Jung now, if he came back in holographic form — like Jodie Foster’s father in in the movie “Contact”?

If I could ask him just one question, what would I ask?  That’s an easy question for me, since my feature documentary film, “What Is Synchronicity?” is almost complete.  I would ask for his feedback about my film.  Based on responses I’ve received from previewers of the film, I hope for a favorable review.  Nonetheless, I also hear my father complex saying something like, “(Jung) had better like it.  I worked my butt off for years making it.”  He might chuckle, and maybe he would say that I left a lot of material on the cutting room floor.  I would say, “OK, I know. I’m on it.  That’s material for the sequel!”

Further, I wonder what Jung would want from his visit here.  Would he long to be here now to more completely explore certain issues?  Would he be better equipped to explain certain things to us?  The cultural times limited his ability to approach the controversial subject of synchronicity when he was alive.  He would probably love the discussion and interest generated by the subject since then.  Of course, what we do with Jung’s ideas is up to us; and what his ideas want with us has a life of its own, too.

What question would you pose to Jung if you could?  Or what do you think he would ask you?
Please share your questions below, and come see what Greg discovered during his visit to Jung’s home.

Board member David Strabala, LCSW

Archetypal Astrology

Dr. Keiron Le Grice, one of Pacifica’s newest core faculty members, is an expert on the subject of archetypal astrology. In his teaching, Dr. Le Grice situates archetypal astrology in the work of C. G. Jung and James Hillman. He teaches in the new Jungian and Archetypal Studies Doctoral program, including many courses on archetypes, vocation, synchronicity, and alchemy. Dr. Le Grice is the author of The Archetypal Cosmos: Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology and his newest publication The Rebirth of the Hero: Mythology as a Guide to Spiritual Transformation.

Podcast from Ken Buch’s Phoenix Presentation

You may remember that, in March, I traveled to Phoenix to give a presentation to the Phoenix Friends of CG Jung. I had a wonderful time with some wonderful Jungians. The podcast of my Friday night lecture is now available here. It’s an updated and improved (in my opinion) version of the talk I gave here in KC last March. If you are interested in a copy of the slides that accompanied the talk, just shoot me an email and I’ll send them along. Enjoy!

Make it Dinner and a Movie … errr … Dinner and a Play

So, you all know we’re producing the stage play “Gates In and Out” on May 2 and 3. Well, the deal just got sweeter!

Treat yourself to dinner at Collection before the play and receive 10% off your total bill. For those who have been sleeping next to Rumpelstiltskin for the last 20 years, Collection is the second concept by award-winning, TV-appearing chef Celina Tio. The food and drink are fantastic and will be the perfect amusebouche for the fantastic play to follow.

Simply present your play ticket or give the password “EverySoul, aka Ken Buch, sent me” and you’ll receive the 10% discount.

Just don’t let the food tempt you too much and forget to walk up to the 2nd floor for the play.